Guy Ritchie Back on for SGT. ROCK?

     July 12, 2011


Guy Ritchie may be re-teaming with Sherlock Holmes producer Joel Silver for Silver’s long-in-development adaptation of the DC Comics series Sgt. Rock.  A few years back, Ritchie was attached to the project, but he left and Water for Elephants helmer Francis Lawrence came on board.  When we last heard about the project in February 2010, Chad St. John had provided the script which had Rock moving from his original World War II setting to the distant future.  Since then, word on Sgt. Rock has been quiet and it looks like Lawrence is no longer directing.  Twitch now reports that Ritchie is back on board and that Warner Bros. and Silver are hoping Sgt. Rock will be Ritchie’s follow-up to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  Ritchie is reportedly overseeing the latest draft of the screenplay which restores the original setting and pits Sgt. Frank Rock and his infantry unit Easy Company against Nazis.

Hit the jump for details on Ritchie’s other potential projects.

Ritchie was planning to direct a movie based on the DC Comics character Lobo before he was hooked to do Sherlock Holmes 2.  He’s also been linked with a King Arthur film and a remake of Cannonball Run.  There’s also the possibility that if Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a success, Warner Bros. and Silver will want him to make yet another film about the world’s greatest detective.


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