Paramount Picks up FORGOTTEN as Starring Vehicle for Hailee Steinfeld

     February 18, 2011


Paramount has picked up the rights to Cat Patrick’s upcoming novel Forgotten as a star vehicle for True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld.  According to Deadline, Steinfeld would play “London Lane, a 16-year old whose memory is erased at 4:33 every night. The following morning, all she can remember are events from her future. After meeting a new boy at school, London becomes frustrated that she can’t seem to find him in her memory of things to come.”  That sounds like it could be a solid premise and hopefully Paramount will invest in a strong screenplay and director to give Steinfeld the best possible chance at a worthy follow-up to her Oscar-nominated performance in Grit.

Forgotten is the first studio deal for Steinfeld since her breakthrough role, and I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long.  I’m also curious as to why her name hasn’t been floated as a contender for Katniss Everdeen, the teenage protagonist of The Hunger Games, which is currently being adapted by director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit).  While I don’t think Steinfeld will win for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday (the Academy rarely gives awards to young actors), it’s clear that her career is taking off and I’m excited to see what project she’ll take next.

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