HALLOWEEN 3-D is Put On Hold While HALLOWEEN 2 Comes Back to Theaters

     September 30, 2009


A couple of weeks back we gave you an update on all the sequels, reboots, and remakes that are happening right now over at Bob Weinstein’s Dimension Films. In that update, Bob said that the company wanted to shoot “Halloween 3″ in 3-D with hopes of releasing the film next October.  I’m sure that we will still see a 3rd film, but it seems that the project has now been put on hold.  You can get the details and reason behind this move when you hit the jump.

h2__halloween_2__teaser_movie_poster_.jpgNikkie Finke tells us that Bob Weinstein shut down the  “Halloween 3-D”‘ pre-production because “Bob just felt it was rushing too fast.”  The film already had Patrick Lussier (“My Bloody Valentine 3-D”) attached to direct, but it seems that his previously announced other 3-D film, “Drive Angry”, got in the way of “Halloween 3-D”.

Even though a first draft script was only turned in on Friday, Bob Weinstein was rushing to get the film into production for a November start date because it had to be done by January before Lussier would have to start shooting “Drive Angry”. It’s easy (and fun) to read into this surprising bit of news, but I’m going to just stick with the reason that Weinstein is giving.  It’s hard to really believe that this is the real reason behind the film all of a sudden being put on hold, but I’m going to pretend that good producers who really do care about their film still exist in Hollywood and that this is really all true.  I’m also going to be naive about this one just because trying to figure out what is going on with the Weinstein brothers these days seems like a frustrating waste of time to me right now.

In other “Halloween” news, Nikkie Finke also reports that Bob Weintein plans on re-releasing “Halloween 2” on Halloween.  I’m going to assume that it’s for the money and not because the audience was begging for it.  The film has earned it’s $15 million dollar budget back but wasn’t the massive hit that I’m guessing Weinstein was hoping for.  In true confusing Weinstein style, Bob decided to open the film against “Final Destination 3-D” even though it doesn’t take a genius to notice that this was an idiotic move.

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