HALLOWEEN 3D Removed from 2012 Release Schedule

     March 8, 2012


Things aren’t looking good for a third go-around with the reimagined Halloween series. Rob Zombie kicked off the reboot with 2007’s less-than-inspiring Halloween, followed by the direct sequel Halloween II in 2009. The first film made nearly $80 million at the box office, so Halloween II was all but guaranteed given the seres’ low production cost. The second film wasn’t the big hit that the first one was, but still made a profitable $39 million. Shortly after the release of Halloween II, The Weinstein Company announced plans for a Rob Zombie-less Halloween 3D. A 2010 release was planned with My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier in tow, but production was ultimately delayed forcing Lussier to drop out.

The Weinstein Company got trigger happy last June and announced 2012 release dates for Halloween 3D and Scary Movie 5 despite having no script, director, actors, etc. for either film. The latter was recently pushed back, and now the October 2012 release date for Halloween 3D has been replaced with a “TBA” over at Box Office Mojo. If I had to guess, I’d say we won’t be seeing Halloween 3D anytime soon. If anything, the company might go for yet another reboot of the series, but given the tepid reaction to Halloween II I can’t imagine they’re dead set on continuing the story Zombie started.

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