Lupita Nyong’o Turns into ‘Us’ Villain to Freak Out Halloween Horror Nights Attendees

     October 30, 2019


Turns out, I am still not over the horrors of Jordan Peele‘s Us. How did I find this out, you ask? Well, I just watched a video where Lupita Nyong’o transformed back into her red jumpsuit-wearing villain character from the Jordan Peele horror flick and I felt traumatized all over again.

All spooks aside, it’s wild how quickly Nyong’o can transform back into Red, one of two characters she plays in Us, for just one special night at the Us-themed maze that is part of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood. As seen in a video from Nyong’o’s appearance at the maze on Saturday, October 26, the actor not only spends time walking through the maze with her family but also donning a red jumpsuit and wig and freaking other attendees out, too. Nyong’o really leans in, getting up in people’s faces and trying her damndest to unnerve people. At one point, you can hear Nyong’o say, “I’m never doing another horror movie again,” but I’d say the exact opposite: this video is proof she should do them more often.

Per a Universal Studios press release, the Us maze at Halloween Horror Nights is made up of sets recreated from the movie, with an attention to detail in order to really bring attendees into the world. Sets include the entrance to the funhouse from the Santa Cruz boardwalk in the beginning of the movie and the underground classroom where the Tethered live. As you walk through the maze, various red jumpsuit-wearing Tethered folks jump out, with some even brandishing scissors just like they do in the movie. It seems like a totally unnerving experience; with Nyong’o there for just one night, it’s must’ve been downright freaky.

For more info about the Us maze at Halloween Horror Nights, check out 12 key facts we learned during a preview of the feature earlier this year.

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