Watch Jamie Foxx Dance in a Michael Myers Mask for Some Halloween Hijinks

     October 18, 2018


Halloween is about to bring horror back into theaters this weekend, but horror-comedy maestro Edgar Wright has a thrilling throwback to share with his fans today. You see, back in 2016 or so when Wright was prepping to shoot his heist/action/comedy flick Baby Driver, a costume fitting for star Jamie Foxx turned into an impromptu dance session. And while the film itself may have featured a “Michael Myers mask” joke of a different kind, the iconic Halloween mask did make it into a behind-the-scenes video.

Wright shared Foxx’s impressive dance moves, along with his masked backup dancers, in celebration of the upcoming holiday and of the David Gordon Green feature opening tomorrow. Could this open up the potential for a Wright-directed Halloween: The Musical in the future? (I mean, why not, Trey Parker did something similar back in 1993 and it’s been far too long since Mel Brooks‘s cast danced to “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”) Probably no chance of that happening, but this little behind-the-scenes throwback video is good fun anyway.

Check out Foxx’s spooky dance moves below (via Wright’s Instagram):

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Image via Universal/Blumhouse

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