New ‘Halloween’ Movie Coming from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride

     February 9, 2017


Well here’s some “Holy Shit!” news for you. Blumhouse and Mirimax’s Halloween remake has found a creative team and they’re probably not who you would expect. David Gordon Green is set to direct the new incarnation of John Carpenter‘s classic 1978 slasher, and he’s teaming with his Eastbound & Down and Vice Principles collaborator Danny McBride to pen the script. Carpenter, who will executive produce and consult on the film, revealed the news on his Facebook page, teasing that he may even pen the music for the film (which has rumored for a few months and Carpenter is definitely in the midst of a music mode right now).

No details yet on the take Green and McBride have on the material, but Carpenter says their vision blew him away.  “WOW. They get it,” he said, promising fans, “I think you’re gonna dig it.” Carpenter didn’t reveal a title, but the new Halloween film already has a release date! The film will arrive in theaters on October 19th, 2018.


Image via Compass International

I have to say I am so excited by this new. It feels like the real deal. Since Rob Zombie‘s Halloween remakes fizzled out and the total whiff that was the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, studios have struggled to revive horror’s most beloved villains. Just this week, after a long, troubled pre-production process Paramount Pictures officially pulled the plug on their Friday the 13th remake. But if we’re going to get a good Halloween reboot, this project has all the right pieces to make it happen.

Don’t get me wrong, McBride is definitely not the guy you first think of when you think of horror scribes, but Green has always skipped through genres with ease, amassing an eclectic resume that includes Pineapple Express, Joe, and most recently, Our Brand Is Crisis. I’m super curious to see what he’ll do in the horror genre. What’s more, this is a bold and brave filmmaking decision, meaning we’re not going to get a paint-by-the-numbers remake, and Blumhouse has always given a huge amount of creative control to their filmmakers, so we won’t have to worry about some clueless businessman making creative decisions. It’s all just really, really exciting.

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