David Fincher-Produced Launch Trailer for HALO 4 to Debut October 18

     October 10, 2012


While we eagerly await solid word on what project director David Fincher will tackle as his next film, it appears that we’ll be getting our first new Fincher material since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in just eight short days.  Fincher produced the launch trailer for the highly anticipated video game sequel Halo 4, and the spot is set to debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on October 18th.  Hit the jump for more details on the trailer including who Fincher tapped to direct the spot.

david-fincher-halo-4First reported by The Daily Beast (and subsequently corroborated with further details by THR), Fincher produced the spot—titled “Scanned”—and collaborated with his Dragon Tattoo visual effects lead Tim Miller on the project.  Miller is the guy responsible for the incredible opening sequence of that adaptation.  Here’s what Fincher had to say about the Halo team-up:

“I enjoy collaborating with Tim Miller, who is at the visual and technical forefront of hybridized live-action/CGI – not only pushing the boundary but defining it.”

Miller directed the trailer in Prague, and the spot “blends CGI with live action to explore the backstory of Master Chief and provide a glimpse of the new threat he will encounter in Halo 4.”  The video game franchise is one of the most popular of all time, with the previous entry Halo: Reach scoring $200 million on launch day alone.

Fincher has always enjoyed pushing the boundaries of the visual effects world, and I look forward to seeing what he and Miller have cooked up for Halo 4.  The game hits stores on November 6th, at which point I’ll mysteriously find myself lacking in free time.

Watch Miller and Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opening title sequence below.


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