‘Hamilton’ on Disney+ Will Censor Two “Fucks” Because the MPAA Will Never Be Satisfied (Satisfied)

     June 22, 2020

hamilton-daveed-diggs-sliceHistory has its eyes on two…out of the three “fucks” in Hamilton. Pretty much from the moment Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that his groundbreaking and impossible-to-see stage play would debut digitally on Disney+, questions arose over just how the kid-friendly, butt-censoring streaming service would handle the three “fucks” in the show. Miranda finally took to Twitter to answer the question: One “fuck” will remain, but we lose two “fucks” to ensure a PG-13 rating.


Image via Joan Marcus

According to Miranda, the song “Yorktown” will have “a mute over ‘I get the f___ back up again’, while “Washington on Your Side” will contain the line “Southern *record scratch*kin’ Democratic Republicans.”

It’s an interesting situation that calls into question the MPAA more than Disney. I totally agree with the idea that kids should get to see a show that’s about both the highs and lows of American democracy and where it came from, but it’s also just an antiquated idea that if a youth hears just one “fuck” they’ll be fine, but two or three “fucks” is forbidden.

Either way, Hamilton debuts on Disney+ on Friday, July 3. Check out what Miranda had to say about the rating below. For more on Hamilton, here is the full trailer for the show’s Disney+ debut.

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