Geek Gifts: Flick Han Solo’s Carbonite Genitals to Turn Your Lights On and Off

     June 9, 2013


I think at this point we can clearly see the appeal of Jabba the Hutt decorating his home with Han Solo’s frozen carbonite body.  The sculpture has been turned into an iPhone case, an ice tray, a desk, and other assorted objects.  But now the memorable image has reached its pinnacle by being turned into a light switch plate.  “And where does the switch go?” you may ask.  Well, I’m happy to inform you that the switch is Han Solo’s penis.  Not graphically his penis, but unmistakably and intentionally a phallic way to operate your home lighting.

Sadly, someone has already bought this item from Etsy seller WickedStudio.  If the person who bought the dick-switch ever meets Harrison Ford, he or she will have a great conversation starter.  Hit the jump to check out images of the frozen carbonite Han Solo light switch featuring his clumsy blaster.

Via Geekologie.


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