Watch: ‘Solo’ Trailer Gets an Upgrade When Recut to “Sabotage”

     February 21, 2018


Disney went big in first unveiling Solo: A Star Wars Story to the public by buying a teaser spot during the Super Bowl, followed by the official teaser trailer reveal the next day. Loads of anticipation surrounded this Star Wars spinoff, not only because it’s the origin story of arguably the franchise’s most beloved character, but because the film itself went through some very public production issues. By most accounts director Ron Howard is smoothly bringing this thing home, but the first teaser trailer left something to be desired. Visually the film looks pretty great—it looks like a Star Wars movie, for better or worse—but something about the pace of that teaser seemed a bit off.

Given Han Solo’s roguish nature and J.J. Abrams’ foundational establishment of the new post-George Lucas Star Wars era, perhaps it was inevitable that the Solo trailer would be recut using the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”, but regardless, that time has arrived. Chris Galegar, co-host and producer of the bi-weekly cinema podcast War Starts at Midnight, took it upon himself to recut the Solo trailer to “Sabotage,” and the result is a highly amusing and somewhat improved version of that initial teaser.

The song was memorably used in Abrams’ Star Trek reboot and again in Justin Lin’s sequel Star Trek Beyond, and something about Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo—at least in this trailer—feels very reminiscent of Chris Pine’s take on Captain James T. Kirk. So this works kind of better than you think it might, and it offers a bit of a harder edged tone to the overall proceedings. I don’t expect we’ll be hearing contemporary music in Star Wars movies anytime soon, so this may be the closest we ever get. In that case, rock on.

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