HANCOCK Sequel Gets Behind Two Writers from THE SHIELD

     August 24, 2009


After making over $225 million at the US box office and another $396 million overseas, the Will Smith superhero flick “Hancock” was going to get a sequel.  That wasn’t even a question.  Instead, the question was: where will the sequel find John Hancock: reluctant crusader?  For the time being plot details for director Peter Berg’s “Hancock 2” are still unknown, but at least we now know who will be crafting the action this time around – and the news is good if you are a fan of FX’s late, great, cop drama “The Shield”.  Details after the jump.

hancock_movie_image_will_smith__6_.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara have been hired to write the screenplay for Sony’s sequel to “Hancock”.  Perhaps they can manage to keep the film from falling apart in the third act this time?

Both Fierro and Mazzara wrote for FX’s “The Shield” during its five year run.  Fierro also has credits ranging from Fox’s “24” and Showtime’s “Dexter” while Mazzara wrote and executive produced the Starz adaptation of “Crash”.  They’re talented is the point.

The first “Hancock”, with a screenplay by Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan, took over ten years to make it to the big screen.  Something tells me, however, that it won’t take quite as long to get “Hancock 2” in front of the cameras.  Not when there’s a half a billion dollars and a burgeoning franchise at stake.

Naturally, when we get plot details on the “Hancock” sequel we will let you know.


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