Hans Zimmer Debunks SUPERMAN Rumor

     December 6, 2010

Okay, so less than five days ago we reported that Hans Zimmer was more or less set to score Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. It made sense, what with the composer’s frequent collaborator Christopher Nolan onboard as producer. The man was even quoted as saying, in response to how he would follow-up John William’s iconic score, “It’s a hard one, but I followed one of the most iconic things on Batman with Chris as well, and it’s the same thing.”

Well, in a recent interview with THR the Academy Award-winning composer debunked this rumor stating that he is in no way attached to Superman– he hasn’t even met Zack Snyder – and that his comments were taken wildly out of context. This of course doesn’t mean Zimmer won’t score the film (his previous remarks suggest he has at least thought about it), only that he hasn’t officially been approached by Snyder and the studio heads. At this stage there is plenty of time for him to complete the billions of projects he is currently attached to and board the production.  Still, I’m betting somewhere Tyler Bates just wet himself with feverish delight. Hit the jump for the interview.

THR: The internet is buzzing with rumors that you’ve signed on to Zack Snyder’s Superman project. Any truth to that?

Hans Zimmer: You know, it’s like some dirty quote taken out of context. Let’s just be absolutely straight here: I have never in my life met Zack Snyder. I think I need to give him a ring. But here’s the thing: No Ronni [Chasen]. Suddenly all sorts of stuff starts flowing around with no warning.

THR: So if Ronni was still around this probably wouldn’t be happening?

Zimmer: No! Absolutely not! You know, I can’t even remember ever talking about Superman. It’s a little bit, you know, it’s a little bit like “guilty by association” isn’t it?

THR: Because of Batman?

Zimmer: I met Chris Nolan once and he knows Zack Snyder and therefore I’m doing Superman. You know that’s all it is.

THR: It may stem from the fact a lot of people would like to see you take that project. Based on the Batman films.

Zimmer: How can I say it: My heart belongs to Batman. I wouldn’t even know how to go and give voice to it. I haven’t thought about it.

THR: Not to mention following in the footsteps of John Williams.

Zimmer: Right! John Williams, the greatest living composer — full stop. And that happens to be one of his greatest themes. So no. And I’m not thinking of rewriting Beethoven’s ninth either. It just sounds like a thankless task, you know? So that’s unequivocally a no. I have never spoken with Zack Snyder.

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