The Best Feel-Good TV Shows You Can Watch Right Now

     August 13, 2020


Sometimes when you’re feeling low, a feel-good movie won’t cut it. You just want to curl up underneath a blanket and watch something that will restore your faith in humanity. Conflict is still fine, but nothing that will leave you feeling bummed out. We’re in the age of Peak TV, but a lot of those “Peak TV” shows carry a lot of darkness with them, and sometimes you don’t have it in you to watch Breaking Bad or Mad Men. Sometimes you need something light, easy, and fun.

We’ve put together a list of happy TV shows that should get you out of your funk, or just let you stay in your funk, but not feel bad about it anymore. These are shows that go down smooth, will make you smile, and hopefully brighten your day. If you have any suggestions on shows we should add, sound off in the comments!