Harold Ramis Exclusive Video Interview YEAR ONE

     June 18, 2009

harold_ramis_01.jpgOpening tomorrow is director Harold Ramis’ new comedy “Year One”. To help promote the film, our partners at Omelete were invited to New York City to interview everyone involved and they sent me. So thanks to them, after the jump you can watch our exclusive video interview with director Harold Ramis.

During the interview, we talked about how the movie got put together, what’s on the DVD/Blu-ray, the massive sets that were built, what Bible story had to be cut due to budget, and, of course, I asked about “Ghostbusters 3”. It’s a great interview so take a look:

And if you missed the movie clips from “Year One”, here’s a link to see them.

Harold Ramis

  • Has he ever been to Brazil
  • We talk about the huge sets and costumes they built for the movie – he talks about how the movie came together
  • What’s going to be on the DVD/Blu-ray – he talks about an alternate ending
  • Did he have a favorite Bible story that didn’t make the film – talks about how he wanted to do the story of Noah’s Ark
  • Ghostbusters 3 talk – it all comes down to the script. If it’s a good script they’re going to do it. Also said almost everyone said they’d it…including Bill Murray!
  • And says the Meatballs film on his IMDB page isn’t real

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