Harrison Ford on Han Solo’s Fate in ‘The Force Awakens’: “I Finally Wore Them Down”

     March 22, 2016


It’s funny how mythology works on you. In the case of almost any Star Trek movie or Marvel flick, spoilers would honestly be something I’d have to work to care about. But when things went down in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there was a feeling that talking about the plot turns and surprises was like ruining some sacred text. And mind you, I’m a mid-range fan of this franchise at best, and had more than a few reservations about The Force Awakens, a movie that I liked overall.


Image via Lucasfilm

Still, no one has really wanted to talk too much about what happens to Harrison Ford‘s character, Han Solo, towards the end of the movie. I don’t even really want to write what happens today, some three months after approximately everyone saw the film. Well, Ford clearly doesn’t feel that way, as he took to Jimmy Kimmel last night to discuss the fate of Solo at the end of The Force Awakens. Here’s what he had to say when Kimmel brought up the subject of Solo’s demise:

“You work for 25 years for the company. You do your best. You show up everyday. You do your job. And then they just let you go…I finally wore them down.”

To be fair, Ford said that his character’s seeming exit from the franchise was still “shocking,” but he’s clearly happy to put the majority of this business behind him, and that’s not exactly surprising. There’s a rather famous recording of Alec Guinness badmouthing the corroded legacy that he felt George Lucas‘ film left after initially getting excited by the original trilogy’s sense of discovery; he also wrote a letter about the films where he essentially called the dialogue a bunch of balderdash.

But, of course, as this is Star Wars, nothing is quite set in stone. When Kimmel said that Solo would no longer be in the franchise’s future, Ford looked slightly offended and said simply “Who said that? Who made you the boss?” Sure, he’s probably just having some fun, as he often does, but then again…


Image via Lucasfilm


Image via Lucasfilm

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