China Hopes ‘Harry Potter’ 4K 3D Restoration Will Restart Movie Theater Business

     March 19, 2020


A 4K 3D restoration of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will be coming to theaters in China this spring to hopefully help jumpstart the industry after weeks of closings due to the coronavirus pandemic. The country has been hit with mass closings since January, and Warner Bros. is hoping a high-profile re-release of the beloved film will help coax audiences back to the theater.

The studio announced the restoration with a brand-new poster on their official Weibo page, with the tagline “Magic is coming.” There is no official release date yet, but as reported by Variety, the ticketing app Maoyan is currently listing the film as being due in theaters April 30. That date makes sense, as it would put the re-release in theaters over the Labor Day holiday weekend (Labor Day is May 1 in China).


Image via Warner Bros.

A few theaters have begun reopening, but attendance has been almost nonexistent. That said, the Chinese government has been authorizing entertainment venues and restaurants to resume business, so it likely won’t be much longer until the remaining cinemas in the country start opening their doors.

Harry Potter is a massively popular franchise in China, so Warner Bros. gamble seems like a good one. Plus, with production on virtually every movie in development currently halted, and most major releases delayed several months if not all the way to next year, re-releasing a popular older film with a sharp new restoration and 3D effects is a smart move. Check out the announcement poster below.


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