Cozy Up with Syfy’s ‘Harry Potter’ Movie Marathon, Airing Now

     March 30, 2020


If you need some feel-good nostalgia right now, or maybe a break from the family or a retreat back into something comfortable, it’s hard to do better than settling in for a Harry Potter franchise movie marathon. You’re in luck! The movies are airing right now on the Syfy channel and over its various streaming apps. Pretty spot-on timing.

Whether you’re watching Harry Potter for the first time or the five-hundredth (like yours truly), there is plenty to enjoy here. That’s one of the reasons why the series made it onto our list of the best movie franchises to binge-watch. But there are more: Magic and mischief and mayhem abound, the charismatic cast of characters will have you hooked from the get-go, and the production value remains some of the best in Hollywood history. This last part is especially interesting for folks out there who have seen these movies so many times that they know them by heart. Take this opportunity to rewatch Harry Potter from a different perspective: Keep an eye on the background actors and supporting cast as they move through a scene, or pay attention to the camerawork of the franchise’s various directors and their DPs (with Oscar-winner Alfonso Cuarón and BAFTA-nominated cinematographer Michael Seresin arguably being the best of the bunch for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.) There’s always something new to be discovered!

If you want even more content, the fan-focused social media account @Syfyfangrrls is currently doing a livetweet session:


Now, if you have your own copy of the Harry Potter franchise on digital or physical media, that’s a much more preferable option than watching on cable. (If I have to listen to Ice-T try to sell me Car Shield one more time, I’m going to run into the lighter-than-usual traffic.) You can lose yourself in the plot, maybe even playing the prequel mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery in the meantime, or you can dig into the home-release content to get even more behind-the-scenes info. And if you’ve done all of the above and we’re still in quarantine, there are always the roughly 3,500 pages of J.K. Rowling‘s seminal books with which to pass the time.

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