Harry Potter, The Hanger, Terminator Salvation and SHERLOCK HOLMES

     March 31, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

As you all know, I’m in Las Vegas attending ShoWest. If you haven’t heard of ShoWest, it’s a convention for theater owners to see what’s new in their industry and be wined and dined by the Hollywood Studious.

Anyway, I just got out of Warner Bros. presentation and here’s a quick recap of what they showed and who was there.

The WB presentation was presented by Alan Horn (the President of the Studio) and the first thing he did was introduce McG and then he showed about 5 minutes of “Terminator Salvation”. The footage shown was nothing new, but it still looked pretty awesome to see it on the big screen.

Following McG we got director Todd Phillips and he showed the trailer for his upcoming comedy “The Hangover”. While applause was decent for “Terminator Salvation”, it was much louder after the trailer for “The Hangover”, as everyone seemed to love the footage.

The next thing we saw was the trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. Since everyone involved in “Harry Potter” is in London filming part 7, Alan introduced the footage himself and it was nothing that we haven’t seen.

The big part of the presentation was the end as Alan introduced Robert Downey Jr. and he spoke for awhile about how he got involved in “Sherlock Holmes”. He told us some funny stories about how the film was cast around him and how his new found box office clout helps him get his way.

After speaking, he showed us the world premiere of the “Sherlock Holmes” trailer.

While I reserve final judgment until I can see the footage again, my initial thought is this isn’t your grandfather’s “Sherlock Holmes”. The trailer was filled with action, comedy, and it definitely had a supernatural element. Performances from the cast looked great, but I have to say I don’t know about Robert Downey Jr.’s accent. To me it didn’t sound right. But maybe the trailer isn’t done or he’s going to do some looping to make it better.

Overall the trailer made me excited to see more, so it did what it had to do.

I don’t know when WB is putting the trailer online or in theaters, but I’d imagine it’ll be soon since the movie comes out at the end of the year.

Look for more ShoWest news later today. For more updates, follow me on Twitter.

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