Hasbro’s CLOVERFIELD Monster in High Resolution

     March 17, 2008

Hello everyone, Ryan Brookhart here with a quick update on the Hasbro Cloverfield Monster coming in October.

If you’ll recall, there were a few low-res product shots Hasbro sent out with the announcement of the $99.99 Cloverfield figure. I, along with quite a few others were both really excited (and quickly ordered) that Hasbro was making a 14″ super articulated figure of the monster, and surprised the product shots were so, well, lackluster.

It would seem Hasbro heard the critique and in the latest issue of the Hasbro ‘Shop at Home’ catalog they went and created a very nice product shot of said figure.

Take a look and see you soon, and you can order the monster here.


click on the image for high resolution

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