Dark Sky Films Greenlights HATCHET 3

     March 21, 2011


Citing strong DVD sales and an insatiable thirst for cinematic bloodshed (all right, I made that last one up…sort of), Dark Sky Films has greenlit production on a third installment of writer/director/producer Adam Green’s Hatchet franchise. According to Variety, Hatchet III (as I’m tentatively titling it) will pick up where its predecessor left off and could follow an outline cooked up by Green prior to beginning production on Hatchet II. Additionally, the report makes it seem as if there is a solid chance that Green won’t be helming the picture, citing his “trepidation about the possibility of handing the franchise to another filmmaker.”

Joining Dark Sky (who also released Ti West’s excellent 2009 horror film The House of the Devil) in producing Hatchet III is Green’s own ArieScope Pictures. Official announcements regarding Hatchet III‘s director and cast are expected in the near future. Hatchet II starred horror icons Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd and enjoyed an unrated theatrical release courtesy of AMC before being pulled from theaters prematurely.

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