This Week in Animation: Hayao Miyazaki Documentary Chronicles His Venture into CG Animation

     May 6, 2017


In This Week in Animation News, I’ll take a look at the previous week in the world of animation in order to get you caught up on everything you might have missed. It’s your one-stop shop for news regarding cartoons, anime, and animated web series. We’re talking movies, TV shows, digital shorts, and everything in between!

Not a lot of news to keep up with this week, but what we have is kind of all over the place. As you could tell by our headline, there’s a new documentary coming to NHK WORLD TV called Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki that centers on the acclaimed artist and his return to the craft after a self-imposed retirement. Elsewhere, Neil Gaiman‘s poem “Hate for Sale” gets a stop-motion animation treatment in a new short film. And the anything-but-traditional band Gorillaz might just be getting an animated series that best befits their style and substance.


Image via YouTube

We also have new details on the theatrical release and bonkers Blu-ray features for the upcoming animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta. This week also saw the debut of the YouTube Red animated series, Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force; we’ve had a lot of coverage on that cartoon this week, but you can meet the title team and learn their story in new trailers seen below. There’s also a fair amount of industry news, like Nickelodeon’s fun new Entertainment Lab, confirmed interest in Funimation on the part of Universal and Sony’s film companies, and a big delay for an anticipated animated film from Warner Bros.

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