HBO Debuts “Recommended By Humans” Program and It’s a New Kind of Algorithm

     August 6, 2019


HBO is here to make us forget all about algorithms with a new program they’re rolling out called “Recommended by Humans.” As the name suggests, the program features the viewing recommendations of Regular Joes and Janes like us who tune in to watch hot HBO fare like Big Little LiesBallers, and Silicon Valley.

The “Recommended by Humans” program can be accessed at If you click through, you’re able to click around the canvas and see various videos featuring testimonials from real people who are singing the praises of an HBO series they love. Participants Jacqueline and Dylan are ready to sing the praises of Succession (which you might actually want to tune into because season 2 is airing on August 11) while Chanese is going to tell you all about Curb Your Enthusiasm and Nadine wants to get you hooked on True Blood. There is something for everybody and HBO’s new program is ready to prove it. In addition to the 36 videos provided, you can also browse the 150 tweet recommendations, too.

Per an announcement from HBO, the idea behind the “Recommended by Humans” program is simple:

“‘Recommended by Humans’ celebrates the emotional connection HBO viewers have with the network’s programming and illustrates the power of recommendations from real humans who, simply put, really love television. Fans can join the conversation by sharing their own recommendations on social media using #HumanReco, and should keep an eye on @HBO on Twitter and Instagram for new “Recommended by Humans” content.”

HBO might be on to something here with its new way to recommend shows. I think I speak for a decent amount of us when I say scrolling endlessly and reading movie or TV show synopses can get a little mind-numbing. Give us the endorsements! That said, it does seem like HBO is also gunning to lure folks away from other established streamers like Netflix and Hulu. If the network keeps this kind of program running when HBO MAX launches, they just might accomplish that goal with a greater degree of success than they had planned for.

Still curious to know how it all works? Check out the first “Recommended by Humans” trailer below: