Public Service Announcement: HDMI Cables and You

     November 27, 2014


This year, you’re finally going to get that ridiculously crazy, big-screen TV.  The Black Friday deal is too sweet, even sweeter than the little old lady in front of you who should have known the risks.  The doors open, you rush inside, you get your TV, and then you realize you should probably get HDMI cables.  You turn around and see them.  They cost…$139 dollars.  Your heart falls, and you feel you have no choice but to dig deeper into your wallet for this hidden cost.  You sucker punched that old lady for nothing.

Stores will try to cheat you on accessories, especially cables.  Stores make a lot of money pushing warranties and having huge markups on items like HDMI cables, and while I leave it to you to consider the former (they’re really only for piece of mind), you shouldn’t get gouged on an easily affordable cord.  Hit the jump for how you can save not only a lot of money, but also make your home setup easier.

hdmi-cablesWhen it comes to getting cords and cables, especially HDMI, I wholeheartedly recommend Monoprice.  First, let me make clear that we make no money pushing this store.  But I’ve used them for years and their products always arrive quickly and work perfectly.

So using our previous example of the 24′-foot HDMI cable that costs $139 for no good reason, let’s pop over to Monoprice, and see that the cable costs $22.06.

Here’s the thing to know about HDMI cables: they’re all the same.  The box can trump up how it delivers perfect quality, but they all do that.  We’ve cracked HDMI cable technology because it wasn’t difficult.  It’s metal, rubber, and wires.  I use HDMI for all of my home entertainment—Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Apple TV, and they all work great.

And Monoprice has an added bonus—different colors.  That may seem like a small thing, but when you’ve got a mess of wires heading into your TV or receiver, and you’re having trouble getting a signal on your device, you can easily check to see if the cable is loose.  It’s helpful organization, and the color doesn’t change the price.  This makes for easy organization, and you probably won’t have the option of different colors at the store.

So when you’re joyfully picking up your 55″ LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for less than $1,000, and blocking out the cries of the defeated, know that you can pass by those expensive cables.  There’s a much better deal only a click away.


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