Exclusive ‘Head Count’ Trailer Stages a Spooky Summoning in Joshua Tree

     April 25, 2019

Horror trends come and go over the decades. Zombies, slashers, vampires; every kind of nightmare-inducing ghoul has its heyday. (Often a few heydays!) But if there’s one thing that horror movies have pretty much always agreed on, it’s that nothing good ever happens while you’re camping. You can now add Head Count to that proud horror tradition, a new chiller about a group of teenagers who head out to Joshua Tree, where their campfire ghost stories accidentally summon a shape-shifting creature when one of them recites an unknown chant they found online (tsk tsk!).

Head Count marks the feature film debut for director Elle Callahan (Happy Deathday). Callahan also co-wrote the script with Michael Nader. Ashleigh Morghan, Isaac Jay and Sam Marra. The film premiered at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival, where Ashleigh Morghan took home the Nightfall Special Jury Prize for a Lead Actor. Samuel Goldwyn Films will release Head Count in theaters and on digital and On Demand June 14, 2019. Check out our exclusive trailer debut below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Head Count:

Newcomer Evan joins a group of teens on a getaway in Joshua Tree. While exchanging ghost stories around the campfire, Evan reads aloud a mysterious chant from an internet site. From that moment, someone–or something–is among them. As unsettling, inexplicable events become more frequent, Evan realizes this summoned shape-shifting creature is targeting them to fulfill a deadly ritual.


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