Bravo Developing HEATHERS TV Series

     September 12, 2012


Heather, my love, there’s a new TV show in town. Not wishing to be left behind in the scripted TV game, Bravo is adding a bevy of new, original programming to its development slate, including a kind of reboot / sequel to the 1988 dark comedy cult hit Heathers, which starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as two teenagers who rebel against the reign of the Heathers (Shannen DohertyKim Walker and Lisanne Falk) in their high school.

The series was envisioned by Jenny Bicks (The Big C), who wants to update the story by setting it 20 years after the first film, where Veronica (Ryder) returns to Sherwood with her daughter who herself must go up against the reigning high school clique – except this time instead of the Heathers it will be the Ashleys (who are actually the daughters of the surviving Heathers).  For more on angel dust, switchblades, and sexually perverse photography (i.e. the project), hit the jump.

Winona Ryder has talked about a possible sequel for a long time, the idea that it might come to fruition began in 2009, when Bicks initially pitched the project to FOX.  Though the venue has changed, the team remains the same — Bicks will produce and write along with and Mark Rizzo (The Man Date), and rumor has it that all of the original characters will be scripted into the sequel (though no official word yet if they will actually appear, or if any of the original cast will be involved. How very.) Truthfully, Bravo could actually be the perfect venue for Heathers 2.0.

According to THR, Bravo also has six other scripted dramas in the works for upcoming seasons, though whether they amount to much remains to be seen. As Veronica would say, “what’s the up-chuck factor?”