HEAVY RAIN Video Game to Become Non-Interactive Movie

     May 19, 2010

One of the major selling points for the PlayStation 3 video game Heavy Rain was that it was basically an interactive movie.  There’s even a mock-up poster that lists the characters’ names as if they were actors.  There was very little in the way of actual gameplay beyond simple button inputs to perform even the most mundane actions (if you’ve ever wanted to feel the excitement of a guy shaving his face, then Heavy Rain is for you).  The story followed four characters hunting for the “Origami Killer” who read the serial killer manual, has a timetable for his kills and little mementos to let you know that he’s a serial killer (in this case, an origami figure and an orchid on his drowned victim).

Deadline reports that Unique Features is close to winning a bidding war on the project.  It’s not a bad purchase.  They’re basically buying something that requires almost no adaptation.

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