Helen Mirren Turns RED with Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis

     November 3, 2009


In a recent report from ScreenDaily, Helen Mirren has joined the cast of Robert Schwentke’s (“Flightplan”) upcoming action-thriller “Red”, based off the comic series by Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer.  As we previously reported, “Red” is about “Paul Moses, a C.I.A. agent whose unique talent for killing took him around the world, from one hotspot to another, carrying out the deadly orders of his superiors. And when he retired, he wanted to put his bloody past behind him. But when a new administration takes over the White House, the powers that be decide that Moses knows too much, forcing him back into the game against the agency that trained him.  SD provides no details as to Mirren’s role but I doubt it will have a moment as fantastic as her charging in on a unicorn as she did in “Inkheart”. [UPDATE: HeatVisionBlog says Mirren will play “an old associate of Willis with a lethal set of skills.”  No word if any of those skills involve unicorn riding.  Probably not.]

“Red” is scheduled to begin shooting on January 11th, 2010 and due for a North American release on November 19th, 2010.

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