‘Helstrom’ Trailer Reveals the Supernatural Sibs Leading Hulu’s New Marvel Show

     July 24, 2020


Our first look at one of the last Marvel TV shows at Hulu is finally here. On Friday, the streaming giant unveiled the first trailer for Helstrom, starring Tom Austen (Misfits) and Sydney Lemmon (Succession). This new trailer arrives on the heels of a slew of new images released earlier this month.

Now, we can finally get a better look at Austen and Lemmon as sibling Daimon and Ana Helstrom. By day, Daimon is an ethics professor who, by night, moonlights as an exorcist. When you’re that good-looking and that deep into shady business, of course you’re also a bit cynical — and boy, oh boy, is Daimon a cynic. As for Ana, she works as an auctioneer but, in her spare time, has a vested interest in hunting down those who only hurt others. Daimon and Ana’s darker side might have something to do with being the offspring of a serial killer father; we’ll have to see how that plays out.

In addition to Austen and Lemmon, Helstrom‘s cast includes: Elizabeth Marvel, as Victoria, Daimon and Ana’s mother who is currently institutionalized; Robert Wisdom as a friend of Ana’s with deep occult knowledge; June Carryl, a psychologist and ally to the Helstroms; Ariana Guerra as a woman sent by the Vatican to help Daimon and Ana; and Alain Uy, Ana’s friend and business partner.

The teaser is brief, but it promises plenty of moody horror. Marvel in particular strikes an extremely unsettling chord as Victoria, in what looks to be a delightfully creepy performance. We’re also given a few hints that indicate there’s going to be plenty of mysteries for the Helstrom siblings to unravel about their family’s tainted past.

Marvel’s Helstrom is coming to Hulu October 16. Watch the first trailer for the Marvel Hulu series below. Get even more Comic-Con@Home updates right here.