Watch: Henry Cavill Reveals How Superman’s Flying Scenes in ‘Justice League’ Were Shot

     June 25, 2018


When Richard Donner first made Superman in 1978, the film’s marketing campaign hinged around one promise: “You’ll believe a man can fly.” Indeed, adapting the Superman comic at the time posed a major problem in the form of making the flying scenes feel believable, but a year after Star Wars, Donner and his team pulled it off, and audiences the world over were wowed.

We’re now 40 years removed from that film, and technology has advanced exponentially to the point that almost anything is possible onscreen. But that doesn’t mean making Henry Cavill’s Superman fly in Justice League is easy, and indeed the dynamism of Zack Sndyer’s approach to the character necessitates a more visceral approach behind the camera.

Cavill has taken to his Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes video from Justice League that offers a peak at just how those flying scenes were crafted, and also a tease of how they put together scenes that involve Superman’s lightning-fast reflexes. The rig that holds Cavill up is certainly complex, but you can also see that all those workouts Cavill does to get in shape aren’t just for looks—he’s got to hold his body straight while “flying.”

While Justice League was a pretty tremendous disappointment in every regard, Cavill remains a swell actor. If Warner Bros. can find a filmmaker with a better take on Superman, one imagines he can really shine. Here’s hoping Man of Steel 2 actually happens.

For now, check out the behind-the-scenes Superman video below, via Cavill’s Instagram.

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