Heroes: Is Henry Cavill Really Out as Superman?

     September 13, 2018

On this episode of Heroes, Amy Dallen, Coy Jandreau and Ashley Robinson welcome special guest Raven Metzner and discuss the following:

  • THR reports that Henry Cavill looks to be out as Superman at WB/DC, but Cavill’s manager and the studio issue confusing statements possibly countering this report.
  • Interview with Netflix’s Iron Fist Season 2 showrunner M. Raven Metzner.
  • Netflix releases a teaser for Season 3 of Daredevil that portends a darker approach to this season.
  • Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that a feature film adaptation of Captain Britain and the Black Knight might be coming from Guy Ritchie.
  • Sony recently released their new Spider-Man game for the PS4 that stars the voice of Yuri Lowenthal. Coy and Amy give you their thoughts on the game.
  • In an interview on the The Marvelists: The MCU Podcast, Mark Ruffalo confirms that Avengers 4 is in reshoots, including the ending of the film.
  • Speaking at New Jersey’s Heroes & Villains FanFest, Ray Fisher did not sound too positive about the possibility of a Cyborg film. Fisher said it comes down to a “numbers game”.
  • EW released new character details for a few Captain Marvel characters including Jude Law‘s “Starforce Commander” and Gemma Chan‘s Minn-Erva.
  • In an interview with /Film, DC Universe’s Swamp Thing writer Gary Dauberman revealed that the show will be a hard R rating and will be influenced by Alan Moore‘s run in the comic books.
  • Marvel Comics announced that a new Superior Spider-Man series is coming back in October. The comic book will be written by Christos Gage with art by Mike Hawthorne.
  • Twitter Questions

Image via Marvel Studios

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