Kathryn Prescott & Henry Lau on Bonding with the Dogs for ‘A Dog’s Journey’

     May 17, 2019

What is our purpose? Why are we even here? What happens when we die? These are the universal questions that have plagued philosophers (Plato, Kant, Nietzsche…)  through the centuries. Who could have guessed all the answers lied in a reincarnating animal? Through the blissfully-simple vantage of a dog (voiced by Josh Gad), A Dog’s Purpose and now its sequel A Dog’s Journey tackle such meaty existential questions without ever getting bogged down in the dread that often inevitably comes with the asking.

a-dogs-journey-poster-03In the sequel, Bailey (the aforementioned reincarnating dog) is tasked to protect Ethan’s granddaughter CJ. This simple mission spans decades as Baily spends multiple lives searching for the girl, inevitably finding her as a struggling young-adult (Kathryn Prescott). Bailey then must guide CJ to find her own confidence both professionally & personally.

In the following interview with Kathryn Prescott & co-star Henry Lau (as her best friend Trent), they reveal their first childhood pets, bonding on set with the dogs, and the tips to playing a guitar. For the full interview, watch above.

Kathryn Prescott & Henry Lau:

  • What was the first pet Kathryn Prescott & Henry Lau ever had?
  • What tricks did they teach their pets?
  • Did they bond with the dogs before shooting the film?
  • What are the tips to playing a guitar? (CJ is a struggling musician in the film, and Henry Lau is a K-Pop star)

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