HEROES Cast Video Interviews at the 2007 Saturn Awards

     May 13, 2007

Posted below are a few video interviews I did with some of the cast members of “Heroes” at the 2007 Saturn Awards. Some were done on the red carpet and some were done backstage. But before getting to these interviews… I just posted a great interview with the creator of Heroes – Tim Kring – and if you’re a fan of the show it’s a must see as he talks season two, the upcoming DVD, and he covers tons of other stuff. I also posted an interview with Masi Oka (Hiro) and here is the link. He talks Season Two.

Now about these cast member interviews…

The first one is with Jack Coleman on the red carpet. It’s a short interview and he talks about the season finale, his character (he plays Claire’s dad) says all hell is about to break lose on the show.

The next interview is with Noah Gray-Cabey and he plays Micah Sanders. He talks about not telling anyone what he knows, what’s he doing this summer and about getting recognized by fans.

The last interview is with Leonard Roberts and Jack Coleman (again). I got them backstage and they spoke for about three minutes. Due to them holding the microphone my questions might be difficult to hear, but their answers are the ones you care about so I figure it’s fine. Since I knew they weren’t going to talk about the finale I tried to ask questions that no one had asked like attending the Saturn Awards, how their lives have changed, what they’re doing this summer and when they start back up again. They also confirmed that when season three roles around the show will move to all new episodes with a start date of January.

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