HEROES to Make Syndication Debut in Fall 2010

     October 11, 2007

NBC has just announced that “Heroes” has been sold to G4 and MOJO for off-network syndication and it’ll debut in 2010. But the big news of the deal is that G4 will debut all-day marathons of season one on October 27th and 28th this year

and the network will also begin airing episodes from the current season with a mini-marathon of the first six episodes of “Heroes” season two on Saturday, November 3 from 5:00-11:00pm et/pt. G4 will then regularly air each week’s current episode of “Heroes” on Saturdays at 10:00pm et/pt.

“Heroes” will premiere on MOJO Thursday, November 1, airing the first six episodes of season two from 3- 9:00 pm. Going forward, “Heroes” will air on MOJO every week on Wed. at 8pm pt/11:00 pm et and Thurs. at 5pm pt/8pm et. MOJO will also air a marathon of season one episodes during the Thanksgiving holiday.

What this means for NBC is even more people will be exposed to the juggernaut of “Heroes” each week.

But while this news is great for NBC and everyone working on the show, I hate to say it… but the network and these new partners need to be very concerned.


Because this season has sucked pretty hard. First, nothing is going on to further the mythology, and then the situations the writers are putting the characters in are beyond laughable. I mean did anyone see last week’s episode with Hiro and the message to Ando in the sword? That might have been the laziest writing I’ve seen on a network show.

While I hate to harp on it… if Hiro has the power to move through time with ease, why couldn’t he just visit Ando for 2 seconds and tell him what’s up and then go back. Perhaps if the show had explained that jumping through time is very deadly and dangerous, then it could make sense for Hiro to not want to risk it. But they didn’t.

Further, how pathetic was the sending a message in the sword. So you’re telling me that in the hundreds of years the sword spent in the care of others…no one else would have opening a label on the side that said “Ando open.” And then you’re telling me that Hiro wouldn’t have noticed it when he first got the sword. Then you’re telling me that when Hiro wrote the message he knew that Ando would open it at just the right moment when the story line needed it.

This is just one of the examples of the poor writing on the show this year.

Look, I hate bashing “Heroes” as I love the concept and the characters. But they really need to get their act together in the writing department because this is a sinking ship. If you ask the people watching, no one thinks these episodes are good. No one. Not even people like me, the “Heroes” apologists. In fact, people who watch every episode tell me they’re thinking of dropping the show. And that’s not good news. Because once someone drops a show…it takes a lot to get them back.

What the show needs is a fresh direction. Something to point the compass. A big arc for all the people. Look I’m no TV writer and I don’t have the answers, but I know that “Smallville” has been great this season and the special effects each week have been putting “Heroes” to shame. And that’s The CW Network, not NBC. Seriously, watch the “Smallville” premiere for this season and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s crazy that it was 10 times better than “Heroes.” Again…CW Network!

Finally, for a show that’s been sold around the globe for big money, why does it look cheap? Where are the battles? Where are the special effects?

Again I’m not saying “Heroes” can’t be saved, but it had better figure it out quick.

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