HEROES Volume 5 Preview Road to Redemption – Missed Comic-Con, Here’s the Footage

     July 29, 2009

Heroes NBC image - slice.jpg

If you missed the “Heroes” presentation at Comic-Con where they premiered footage from the next volume entitled “Redemption”, there is no need to be upset. That’s because NBC has released the extended trailer and I’ve posted it after the jump. Take a look:

In the clip, which focuses on the new characters that have joined the show, NBC has once again used smoke and mirrors to get me interested in the next season of “Heroes”. Of course once the show starts up I’ll start bitching about the stupid decisions the characters make and the horrible dialogue everyone utters. But I’ll still watch. What can I say, I like watching people with superpowers on TV. I’m in a battered relationship and I can’t get away.

Saying that, kudos to “Heroes” for casting Robert Knepper and Ray Park. Robert knows how to play evil and Ray makes any action scene better. Also, if the show continues for a few more years, you know Zachary Quinto and a few of the other actors are going to leave, so the show needs to start introducing more interesting characters to possible focus on.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Take a look at the clip. If you love it or hate it, leave some comments.