Hey Moneybags! LOST: Season 5 DVD Dharma Initiation Kit Limited Edition

     July 11, 2009


Welcome to a new feature we’ll be running on Collider called “Hey Moneybags!” where we point out stuff that you should buy even though the economy sucks and you’re putting ramen noodles on lay-away.

From TVShowsonDVD, they’ve gotten a look at the Limited Edition version of “Lost: The Complete 5th Season” and hoo-boy, it’s something crazy.  Not only do you get some really nice packaging made up as “Dharma Orientation Kit” that looks like it’s been sitting in the jungle for thirty years, what’s included is insane.  There is a VHS tape of the orientation video (best of luck trying to watch that) as well as 5¼ Floppy Diskettes (those shouldn’t be a problem since we all still have our Apple II computers).  Now the package art is subject to change and I don’t know how different the Blu-Ray packaging for this will be (presumably not much), but as far TSoD knows, the features on the DVDs themselves are the same as the regular DVD.

Amazon has the pricing at $119.99 but you can get it right now for $77.99 if you pre-order.  “Lost: The Complete Fifth Season” hits DVD on December 8th.  Hit the jump for a better look at the packaging and start setting aside some cash (do your kids really need to go to college?).




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