Unrated Trailer for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Starring Rutger Hauer

     September 3, 2010

The unrated trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun has gone online and it is awesomely work-unfriendly.  Starring the great Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) as (you guessed it) a homeless man wielding a shotgun, the film has an unsettling and gritty tone that screams B-movie excellence (although I doubt it will help squash the fears of hobophobes).  Honestly, if the film was simply a 90-minute loop of the painfully bleak speech Hauer delivers in the trailer, I’d still pay to see it.

Hobo is the first feature film from director and co-writer Jason Eisener and is the second feature to be made of the faux trailers attached to Grindhouse (of which Robert Rodriguez’s Machete is the first).  [Correction: A reader has astutely pointed out that the trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun was not attached to Grindhouse. Instead, it was the winner of a 2007 contest held at SXSW which asked filmmakers to submit faux trailers akin to the ones attached to Grindhouse.] To check out the gloriously creepy trailer for yourself, hit the jump .


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