‘Liza on Demand’ Star Liza Koshy Gets Tricked in Collider’s New Magic Show, ‘Hocus Focus’

     September 25, 2019

The world of magic has finally come to Collider as we debut our new show, Hocus Focus. On every episode, a selected magician will perform magic tricks for invited guests that will surprise, shock and impress them and you. On this debut episode, TV Host, MC, and magician Jay Jay performs his feats of magic for Liza On Demand stars Liza KoshyKimiko Glenn (Orange is the New Black) and Travis Coles (Superstore). Jay Jay’s tricks leave Liza and her crew questioning their eyes with Travis threatening to walk out of the studio in fear of Jay Jay’s powers of magic.


Photo courtesy of Collider

Jay Jay pulls out all the stops with his card tricks that are sure to leave you impressed and laughing along out of shock with Liza, Kimiko, and Travis. You might even find yourself rewinding the video during the bent card trick to see if you can figure out how Jay Jay made that happen.

Liza on Demand follows the chaotic misadventures of Liza Koshy as she takes on various tasks and odd jobs and tries to get ahead in the gig economy. The first season took satirical stabs at topics including gender bias and romantic tropes. Season 2, which is available today on YouTube, follows Liza as she takes on a new set of challenges and is sure to leave you laughing out loud at Koshy’s unique brand of humor.

Watch the video above to enjoy this episode and Jay Jay’s incredible abilities as a magician. Look for more episodes of Collider Hocus Focus coming soon that will feature more magicians performing their mind-bending tricks for some great guests who are sure to be impressed as they question their sanity.

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