‘Hold the Dark’ Poster and Images Reveal ‘Green Room’ Director’s Intense New Netflix Film

     August 17, 2018


Netflix has revealed the first poster and images from acclaimed filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier’s upcoming film Hold the Dark. Saulnier first broke out with the 2013 thriller Blue Ruin, then hit another level with the 2015 neo-nazi thriller Green Room, so anticipation has been mighty high for his next project. Hold the Dark takes place in northern Alaska and stars Jeffrey Wright as a retired naturalist and wolf expert who teams up with a young mother (Riley Keough) to search the wilderness for the pack of wolves that killed her young son. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband (Alexander Skarsgard) returns home from Iraq to the news that his son is dead, igniting a series of violent events.

While that setup may sound a bit strange, word has it that the film goes to very unexpected places, and is not exactly the movie you think it’s going to be. Saulnier’s longtime collaborator Macon Blair wrote the script, and the film is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month before it hits Netflix, so first reactions should be coming soon.

Saulnier shot this movie in the first half of 2017, then landed a prestigious gig in teaming up with Nic Pizzolatto to direct True Detective Season 3. But Saulnier exited the HBO series after directing only two episodes, reportedly due to creative differences with Pizzolatto—something that has become a recurring theme on the anthology series.

Check out the Hold the Dark poster and images below. The film also stars James Badge Dale and Julian Black Antelope. Hold the Dark will be released globally on Netflix on September 28th.


Image via Netflix

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