Collider’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Nerdy Suggestions for Movies, TV, Toys, and More!

     December 6, 2018

holiday-gift-guideIn need of a little last-minute gift-buying inspiration? Look no further than this nerdy, unique, and altogether festive gift guide, chock full o’ nutty stuff to buy for you and yours this holiday season. We’ve put together curated gift ideas from a variety of categories–movies, TV, toys, animation, video games, fandom-focused products, and even streaming services–but it’s not your usual, run-of-the-mill list.

Below, we’ll remind you of some of the biggest and best movies to grace theaters this year (and let’s be honest, 2018 has felt like a very long year), most of which are available on home video now. There’s also some movies you might have missed and some you’d love to watch again with family and friends. The same goes for TV. We’ve included both box sets of complete series and special editions of new and classic shows, along with some out-of-the-box approaches to some fan-favorite titles. The toys suggested here are mostly for the little ones, but there are different types of toys for all ages here. The “Fandom” category gets a little broader in the age range and way more specific with its focus. We finish the whole thing up with some of the year’s best video games and ideas for streaming services gifts that are perfect for the cord-cutters in your life.

So while the following list is definitely not going to be 100% match for everyone out there, you might just find some things to your liking that you would have missed otherwise. We’ll also be updating it with new items of interest throughout the month, so stay tuned. Happy bargain hunting!