Hollywood to Continue Sending 3D at You

     December 23, 2009


With the expected success of James Cameron’s Avatar, a 3-Dimensional craze has begun to sweep Hollywood according to Waxword columnist Sharon Waxman over at The Wrap. Although filming completed some time ago and despite a trailer already online, director Ridley Scott is apparently seeking approval from Universal executives to create a 3D version to his $200 million Robin Hood reimagining. A deal is currently in the works with Studio Canal-the studio that owns the rights to Cameron’s legendary “Terminator 2”-to fast track a screen-popping version of the film.

Hit the jump for more directors looking to send audience’s eyes into a frenzy.

Zombieland movie image Woody Harrelson.jpgIn a move that surprises pretty much no one, George Lucas is pondering the possibility of a 3D version to Star Wars. Meanwhile, the director’s good buddy Steven Spielberg reportedly called Avatar the best film he’s ever seen, so don’t be surprised when you get especially up close and personal with a T-Rex in Jurassic Park or to see a bullwhip crack right in front of your face if he ends up following through with another Indiana Jones.

Johnny Knoxville and producer Spike Jonze also join the insanity as the duo plan to film the next installment of the Jackass in 3D, tentatively and oh-so-appropriately naming the project Jackass 3D. The sequel to the deliciously hilarious Zombieland is also taking flesh feasting to a new dimension. The film’s producer Gavin Polone shares his thoughts on the recent craze spreading across Hollywood like a zombie plague.

“The movies have to make sense in 3D,” the Polone told TheWrap. “Zombieland makes a lot of sense-it’s an action movie, there’s stuff coming at camera. We’ll write to it. You don’t want to make a heavy drama that way.

“You wouldn’t want to remake Star Wars or Close Encounters just because you can do it in 3D. It’s bad. Then you’re just back into terrible remakes of good movies. If you take a classic movie that’s fantastic, what you’re up against is people will just say you blew it. ”

Polone pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly. This 3D thing isn’t exactly new. It’s been around for quite a while. Sure, it’s a bit fancier than before, but there was a time when movies went 3D just because and a once-interesting idea quickly devolved into an annoying gimmick. Friday the 13th 3D, anyone? Cameron effectively employed 3D in Avatar by using it to immerse the viewer into the world of Pandora as opposed to using it for shock value or obvious “cool” moments that essentially pull you out of the film. Going back and 3D-ifying an older movie falls into the latter category. However, if Spielberg approaches the next Jurassic Park in the same way Cameron approached Avatar, just picturing the forests of Isla Nublar whipping by as our hero runs from a pack of velociraptors-teeth gnashing and claws slashing-sends shivers racing down the spine.

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