Holy Showstoppers Batman! The Dark Knight Takes the Stage!?

     April 25, 2010


In a surprising bit of news right up there with Mickey Rourke playing Genghis Khan, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have announced they are collaborating to bring the Caped Crusader and his rogue’s gallery to theatres across the nation in a touring show. The much-lauded firms of Nick Grace Management and Walter Lane Prods., who designed the lucrative Walking With Dinosaurs and Mama Mia! traveling shows, will be working with fan-favorites Alan Burnett and Stan Berkowitz (Batman: The Animated Series) to create the family-friendly show. Superheroes and the stage may seem like strange bedfellows but the tentatively titled Batman Live, is looking to buck the trend by eschewing the lights of Broadway for a succession of local theatres and arenas.  In other words, it sounds like it will be the Disney on Ice version of Batman. Heat Vision is reporting that Batman Live should take off in 2011 or 2012. I can hardly wait to learn the lyrics to “Springtime for Batman.”

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