HOME Blu-ray Review

     August 24, 2009


“Home” is a documentary that actually deserves the Blu-ray facelift, because it contains what might be some of the most beautiful imagery I’ve ever seen on film.  The film was shot by award winning aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and narrated by Glenn Close.  It covers the birth of our world from small bacteria and algae in hot springs to how human and animal life began and what we have done to disrupt the fragile balance of our planet.  It is an environmentally aware film, but one that doesn’t beat you over the head.  There aren’t interviews with dozens of celebrities giving their opinions on “Green” topics, just facts about how our urban lifestyles are severely damaging the planet and we get to see all of this in devastatingly beautiful birds-eye aerial shots. More after the jump:

home_glenn_close_planet_earth_01.jpgThis film is nearly impossible to describe by words alone, it is the epitome of the old cliché that a picture could tell a thousand words.  This film covers 54 countries and 120 locations in the world, some shots are so amazing I had to really stare at them to convince myself it was a real landscape, especially the shots of the hot springs with all the bright colors of blue, red, greens, and yellows and the coral reef.  And in HD the colors of our world just pop that much more.  This is a documentary that really has to be seen to believe, it will make even the most hardened conservative that says global warming doesn’t exist think twice, because who could possibly want to destroy such a work of art.

Glenn Close does a great job elegantly narrating the history of our planet, and the writing strikes the balance between being scientific and not overly wordy, in other words the average Joe can understand what’s going on, but the subject is never dummied down either.  The music is as epic and sweeping as the footage being shown on screen and adds to the emotion felt while watching. All the pieces of this film fit together so well. This documentary is literally a story of us and our home the planet Earth, a story of how all things came into being and how quickly that all could change.   It’s powerful, breathtaking, and an experience unlike any other that I’ve seen mainly because of the unique aerial perspective where we are given a true glimpse at the scope of our planet and man’s destruction.  Really a one of a kind experience.

home_glenn_close_waterfalls_01.jpgThis film makes me want to travel more and see the world outside of skyscrapers and SUVs and imported palm trees.  It inspired me to continue to be more environmentally aware and to appreciate the smallest things in nature.  This film is one that opens your eyes and gives you a reason to appreciate the things you take for granted.  I highly recommend this doc for the “Green” people and conservatives alike; it’s a movie about all of us.

Special Features:
Unfortunately there are none

Grade A

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