Red Band HOME SWEET HELL Trailer Features Patrick Wilson and Katherine Heigl as a Killer Couple

     October 3, 2014


Did you know that Patrick Wilson, Katherine Heigl and Jordana Brewster made a movie together?  Probably not and this new red band trailer proves why.  Anthony BurnsSkateland follow-up, Home Sweet Hell, looks absolutely ridiculous.  But the question is, is it a so bad it’s good type of situation?

Wilson leads the film as Don Champagne.  He used to be a used car salesman, but now he’s got it all – a beautiful home, loving marriage and his very own rugs and furniture store.  But then Brewster’s character comes in and ruins it all.  She sleeps with Don and then blackmails him for money by threatening to tell his wife.  The thing is, Mona Champagne (Heigl) isn’t about to leave her man over a little fling; she’d rather just kill Brewster instead.  Hit the jump to check out the Home Sweet Hell trailer.  No word on a release date just yet, but Vertical Entertainment has the US theatrical rights to this one.  The film also stars Kevin McKidd and Jim Belushi.

This thing’s got pure nonsense written all over it, and a bit of a straight-to-DVD vibe as well, but it’s wildly amusing seeing Heigl, Brewster and Wilson in particular go so over the top.  It also helps that this trailer is actually very well edited, nailing almost every single comedic beat.  There’s a good chance some of the gags may fall painfully flat in context, but in trailer format it’s hard not to have some fun with it.

Via Yahoo.  (Note: This is a red band trailer and is NSFW!)


Home Sweet Hell Trailer

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