Jonathan Demme to Direct Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper in HONEYMOON WITH HARRY?

     August 2, 2010

Jonathan Demme is reportedly considering directing the Paul Haggis-scripted Honeymoon With Harry, giving the project a good shot at finally getting made after spending six years stalled.  According to Deadline, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro read the lead roles at a New Line read-through several weeks ago.  The film is described as a “James Brooks style” story of two characters who hate each other and are stuck together out of desperation, and it’s based on an unpublished novel by Bart Baker that Paul Haggis adapted and was previously attached to direct with Vice Vaughn and Jack Nicholson potentially starring.  De Niro and Cooper are reportedly already attached, though no deals have been made.  Hit the jump for a more detailed synopsis.

Here’s the synopsis from Deadline:

Cooper read the role of a formerly self-centered womanizing booze-hound who changed his ways when he met a girl and fell in love. De Niro read the role of the girl’s father, who recognizes himself in the young man, and tries to break them up. They get engaged anyway. When she dies tragically just before their wedding, the groom heads off on their honeymoon to drown his sorrows and drink himself to death. There, he meets his almost father-in-law, who has come to spread his daughter’s ashes on her favorite beach.

Paul Haggis wrote the screenplay back in 2004 before directing Crash and adapting Million Dollar Baby, and he and New Line couldn’t agree on a budget, so the project stalled.  After the writers’ strike, Bradley Cooper took an interest in the project, which got rolling again after Cooper’s The Dark Fields co-star, De Niro, came on board.  Demme’s potential involvement could help the film gain momentum, especially following his success with the similarly difficult subject matter of Rachel Getting Married. Demme has reportedly met regarding the project, but has yet to strike a deal.

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