‘Horizon Line’ Trailer: Allison Williams Tries to Land a Plane Without a Pilot

     October 9, 2020

STXfilms has released a trailer for its upcoming aerial thriller Horizon Line, which boasts Jaume Collet-Serra as an executive producer.

Allison Williams and Alexander Dreymon star as former lovers traveling to a mutual friend’s tropical island wedding aboard a small plane when the pilot (Keith David) dies mid-flight, leaving them stranded in the air with no idea what they’re doing and a storm fast approaching.


Mikael Marcimain directed the indie film, which was produced by Fredrik Wikström Nicastro, The script was written by Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken, who also wrote 10 Cloverfield Lane. That film, like Collet-Serra’s survival thriller The Shallows, involved only a few characters, and Horizon Line seems like it’s in a similar vein.

One interesting about that synopsis is that Williams and Dreymon are playing ex-lovers, rather than a couple. That lends an air of tension to their relationship, which seems like a smart move, since it’s just the two of them up there, and it gives the actors something to play.

As I wrote earlier this week, I’m a fan of Williams, having always enjoyed her work on HBO’s Girls. Marnie was a tricky role, and Williams did a great job making us like her despite the fact that her character was often unlikable. Since then, the actress has gravitated toward genre fare such as Get Out and The Perfection, but this is obviously a very different type of movie.

Oddly enough, there was no release date information given for Horizon Line, which is funny, because for months I’ve been saying that release dates mean nothing right now, and then a movie comes along without a release date and I’m like, ‘where’s the release date?’ That’s how the studios have trained my poor reporter lizard brain! Anyway, watch the trailer below, and click here for this week’s news about Williams signing on to star in the A.I. thriller M3GAN from producers Jason Blum and James Wan.

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