The Best Horror Movies for Kids (and Scaredy-Cats)

     October 13, 2020


Fear is a funny thing. What terrifies one person, amuses another and movies that may give you nightmares can be tried and true favorites for someone else. When it comes to kids, the ground is even more tenuous if you’re trying to find a fun movie to introduce a younin’ to the genre without giving them a new phobia. Horror has a reputation as a niche genre, but the truth is, if you know where to look, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in search of a spooky thrill. From werewolves to zombies and everything in between, check out some of cour favorites below.

A disclaimer first — no one knows what you or your kid can handle as well as you. What’s spooky to some is downright scary for others so use your judgment when it comes to what’s “too scary”.

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