‘A History of Horror’: Catch up With Over 100 Years of Movie Scares in 10 Minutes

     July 8, 2016


The history of horror movies is long and stories, with plenty of sweeping trends, subgenre pockets, and auteur filmographies to explore. For the novice horror buff, it can seem like a daunting catalog (hell, as a genre diehard I’m still often blown away by how much I haven’t seen), but if you’re looking for a quick snapshot of the genre’s evolution, look no further than this fine supercut video from Vimeo user Diego Carrera.

Kicking off with the 1895 film The Execution of Mary Stuart and continuing all the way up through this year’s extraordinary The Witch, the video charts some of the horror genre’s standout moments, picking one sequence from one film each year. It’s insane how much cinema history is included in the video considering how many movies didn’t even make it into the cut (if you’re looking for your slasher icons, you’re not going to find most of them), but the focus on less commercial films makes for a stunning set of sequences. Props to Carrera as well for beautiful editing and some pretty groovy work with the titles.

Check it out for yourself below, and sound off in the comments with your favorite sequences (and which films you can’t believe didn’t make the cut).

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