‘Host’ Director Rob Savage Logging On to Blumhouse Three-Picture Deal

     September 10, 2020


Have you seen Host yet? My goodness, you must see Host. In just under an hour, director Rob Savage and his incredible cast of performers deliver a perfect execution of “a found-footage horror film told entirely over Zoom.” It’s thrilling, surprising, terrifying, and surprisingly emotional. It represents a new lightning bolt of talent. And it comes to no surprise that Savage, per Variety, has just signed a three-picture deal with Blumhouse as a result.


Image via Shudder

Jason Blum, the founder of Blumhouse, a horror imprints responsible for such hits as Get Out and Happy Death Day, said this of Savage’s new deal: “We’ve been tracking Rob’s work for some time now, and when I got a look at ‘Host,’ I saw the inventiveness in his work that Ryan Turek on the Blumhouse team had been championing. We are looking forward to getting this partnership underway immediately.” Savage himself had this effusive praise: “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Blumhouse on these movies. Their status in the horror genre is unmatched, but I equally admire their filmmaker-led approach. They embody the independent filmmaking spirit with which we made ‘Host’ and I can’t wait to create some new nightmares with them.”

Joining Savage on this deal will be his Host collaborators, producer Douglas Cox, writers Jed Shepherd & Gemma Hurley, and editor Brenna Rangott (here’s hoping he can also bring along some of the incredible acting talent in Host, too). I can’t wait to see what else Savage delivers, especially if it’s outside of the found footage space, and look forward to a time when I can watch them in theaters without the context of “ah, this Zoom interface is scary because the pandemic insists that my only social contact is through Zoom.”

For more on Host, here’s our interview with Savage.


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