HOT FUZZ Interviews

     April 5, 2007

Earlier today I did the press day for “Hot Fuzz” and “Year of the Dog”. Yeah it’s 11pm as I write this so it was still today…

Anyway. There’s no way I’m transcribing anything more tonight but I figured some of you are just as rabid as me for news from the “Shaun of the Dead” gang so I figured I would post the audio from today before I sleep.

If you’d rather just read it don’t worry…I’ll have transcripts up very soon. But Simon, Nick and Edgar are all quite funny and worth hearing so if want to listen to them just click on the links below and get a quick fix.

And for all of you wondering what they’re all going to do next… the vibe I got from talking with them today is they are unsure. They all mentioned that they’ve come up with the new idea for a film in their “blood and ice cream” trilogy. The reason they’re calling it that is all three films will have both ingredients – blood and ice cream.

They came up with it while on the plane to Australia to promote “Hot Fuzz” and believe me their lips were sealed. They said that due to talking about “Hot Fuzz” too early it caused all sorts of problems and they wouldn’t repeat the same mistake twice.

Now this is just me making an educated guess after talking with all three of them…but if I had to place a wager on what Edgar was going to do next I would say another film with Simon and Nick. The three of them are just so perfect together and they all are such good friends that I can’t imagine Edgar doing “Ant-Man” or “Them” while they have another great idea on the table. But that could be wishful thinking on my end…

We’ll know a lot more in the coming months as this worldwide promotional tour winds down. Until tomorrow or Saturday when I post the transcripts enjoy the audio.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Edgar Wright

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